Cyber Pro Kenya is Now Qodewire - A New Evolution to Larger Markets
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Cyber Pro Kenya is now Qodewire – Newly reformed to reflect a new focus on offering the complete “Digital Package” to our clients.

Key takeaways

  • Our mission stays the same – To offer personalized web design and digital marketing services to our customers.
  • The team is still intact (with some new additions), and this rebrand is purely meant to allow us to operate in a larger capacity.

The Mission

Our mission has always been to offer clients an alternative to cookie-cutter websites that all look alike, just sit there, and don’t communicate any message to prospects. Our unique background in software and marketing allows us to get you online quickly and teach you the “shortcuts”.

We are dedicated to the common goal of creating the best, most secure, modern websites for businesses. The bottom line? Our web designs are people-friendly, and they work.

Where we’ve been

Since 2019, Cyber Pro Kenya has been a leading service provider in web design and SEO. So far, we have helped over 1500 businesses and bloggers in Kenya achieve a solid online presence. Our growth has been positively exponential and all factors considered, it’s been a pretty awesome ride.

Why Qodewire?

In every ecosystem, changes are inevitable. In order to better achieve our mission of offering the complete digital package, we had to rebrand into something a bit more universal. With a few changes in our business model, we are now able to take in and support clients from all over the world.

Moving forward, we will be shifting all efforts to harmonizing software development and digital marketing. In today’s world, one can’t survive without the other. And we want to be able to handle everything for you in-house.

Over the next few months, we will be sunsetting Cyber Pro Kenya and transitioning into our new brand, Qodewire.

What does this mean for our existing customers?

Our evolution in brand and product focus does not mean that we’re abandoning our existing customers and starting afresh. If anything, we are improving the services we deliver to you.

In the coming years, you can expect more personalized support, freebies like free website maintenance, and of course, better discounts.

Our evolution is simply meant to help us expand into new markets, further decentralize our services, and dramatically scale our impact.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to reach our via our contact page. You can also drop us an email directly at

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Cyber Pro Kenya is now Qodewire. Learn more about our evolution
Cyber Pro Kenya is now Qodewire.