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Email Marketing is Not Dead. We Use it, and It Works-ish

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Email Marketing in kenya

In this Article

Email Marketing has created opportunities for businesses to increase revenue in Kenya’s struggling economy. Ease of segmentation, bulk emailing, and automated follow-ups are just some of the many handy features that most Kenyan startups are leveraging to reach business prospects locally.

Email Marketing utilizes certain page features to achieve a greater accessibility of the message. This pertains to use of HTML programming on the transcript as well as the localized text that can be able to be seen instantly. The former is quite fast to access because it is compatible with most browsers. In this way it can be used to load pages more easily when they are being sent to diverse customers.

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“We send out blast emails twice a month,” says Cathy, digital marketing lead at Qodewire. “ They are pretty straightforward and they don’t eat much into our marketing budget”.

Lots of email marketing tools offer a free-tier package which is usually ideal for small businesses.

“We use Zoho campaigns for our email marketing needs,” Cathy goes on to explain. “Their free package allows us to send up to 10,000 emails every month to 2000 subscribers, which totally works for us. We hardly even exhaust these limits.”

“The thing about cold emailing is that you have to draw people to your message… and they have to be the right people for it to work,” says David, web developer at Qodewire. “I’ll admit that our conversion rates are still not that good (we get about 4 to 5 new clients per month), but then again, what do we have to lose?” he adds.

So Is Email Marketing Dead?

Absolutely not! Unlike the traditional letter method, email marketing achieves formality in that clients use your email pitch (the message) as the pathway to link to your business. And if you are lucky enough, some emails may reach reactionary customers who help you spread the message. This way, you can achieve high visibility for your business and website for free!

Lead nurturing is another area we are really looking to leverage for more referrals,” says Cathy. “Every now and then we will email targeted discounts and pamphlets to a selection of relevant clients, and from these emails, we often get some positive responses,” she adds.

In such hard economic times, many businesses in Kenya can benefit by simply embracing such free marketing methods as email marketing. If you thought emails are dead, think again.



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