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How-To Guide for Instagram Business Marketing in 2022

instagram business marketing

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After setting up your Instagram business account, you will be champing at the bit to start your marketing. Take a moment to pause and refresh your mind. Research is your best friend when it comes to small business instagram marketing as there can be unforeseen pitfalls and interesting ways that you can boost your marketing reach. But why is instagram marketing important for business? Here is our all-you-need-to-know guide for Instagram business marketing.

Social Media Marketing on your Instagram Business Account

Instagram marketing for small businesses is not a lost concept. But setting up an Instagram business account can be tricky. You need a standard account first and to use Facebook Business Manager. If you are struggling or need some guidance, then check out this amazing Hootsuite blog for a step-by-step guide on setting up your business account with Instagram.

1 – Find Your Audience

Research your audience on Instagram. Have a good look at who they follow and how your specific target audience interact with businesses on Instagram. Check out their personal pages and see what businesses they follow and which they most interact with. It can be a laborious process but it is so worth it when you get a solid understanding of how your target audience uses Instagram. Once you understand this, you can develop your marketing to appeal directly to them in the most productive way possible.

2 – Research Other Businesses

It can be helpful to look at your competitors and see how they are succeeding with their marketing. View their stories and their interactions on posts. This can give you a strong idea of how well their marketing to a specific audience is going. If they post a story and 12 hrs later have a high number of interactions on their most recent post and an elevated number of followers – you can see that their marketing is working.

3 – Use Online Graphics Tools

It is crucial that you have professional images that stand out from the others on Instagram. Just like on your sleek website, you need to be sleek and stylish when it comes to selecting the images you post on your page or story. Creating images yourself when you are not trained in graphics used to be difficult. However, now, with the advance of free-to-use online graphics tools, it has never been easier. Using graphics tools will save you money as you do not need to employ a graphic designer to create your marketing images.

Royalty-Free Image Sites

It used to be difficult to get images that you could use on your marketing without paying for them. However, now it is simple. Visit a royalty-free image site and download the image you want to use. They have a large selection of images available and all of them are entirely free to use. On some sites you can choose to pay. Click here for access to a great royalty-free image site.

Graphic Design Sites

Graphic design sites are a great way to build an advert for your Instagram without it taking a lot of time. These adverts also look professional and are usually formatted for this specific social. Canva is a great template graphics site; they have a long list of designs, all of which are created to look perfect on Instagram.

External Marketing

It is a great idea to organically market your Instagram. Remember, not everything in life is digital. You can get more traffic to your Instagram and build your followers faster by telling people you meet about your page. Get yourself a business card using this business card maker and link your Instagram, using a QR code. Hand out the card to interested people you meet and watch your following grow.

Building a great Instagram marketing drive is the best way for you to gain more traffic to your site. It can help you grow your followers and gain a better relationship with those who are integrated into your process.

Post Credit:  Shaun Dean

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