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Can a CDN hurt SEO?
I’m aware of the speed benefits, but
I read…
… You can have the perfect ALT Tags, unique and beautiful images, great captions, and SEO optimized file names… all that would will be in vain if you use CDNs…
Question: Has Cloudflare CDN any benefit for a main audience that is 2500 km/1500 mi around the server?

Best Answer

CDN doesn’t affect SEO (purely experienced based opinion, btw) and actually helps enhance user experience.

In a nutshell, CDN serves your website faster by caching your site to their servers within their network – these servers are called PoPs or Points of Presence – and when a user tries to access your website, they serve your site from the nearest server within their network to the user’s proximity.

This immensely helps with site speed, even if by Lighthouse standards your site is performing under average, especially for websites that are doing poorly in site speed which can’t exactly be avoided (like in my niche, which is automotive, can’t do without features that take a while to load.)

There won’t be changes to your website at all! Your site will be served as is, the way you intended. Really good to have CDN, I urge that you keep it. 🙂

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