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Advice Needed: SEO newbie. I launched my website two weeks ago, I *think* I cleaned up most of the low hanging fruit SEO issues.
I am not getting much organic traffic. We are posting new articles weekly targeting long-tail keywords. I get most of the ideas from AnswerThePublic or Google autocompletion.
Is there anything I can do to boost my rankings? Or does it simply take more time?

Best Answer

Couple of things, one you sound like me. If it’s not happening in a couple of days I’m not happy with current results.

That said, first and foremost, the best thing to do is learn the craft called, SEO. I highly recommend spending some time watching a few videos on YouTube with a variant on, SEO for Beginners.

This will set you up with fundamentals and gives you a chance to grasp certain concepts. I can see you like fast results, which is pretty good as one should. Teaching that trick would be beyond the scope of this class. However, before learning instant rankings, I’d focus on learning how to create backlinks that are so powerful that Google themselves would not penalize, thus keeping your spam score at zero. That is within the scope of this class.

For right now, just learn the basics, master the basics. It takes a few hours today to get it down to a science. Should you have particular questions, hit me up. I’m free to help clear any fog you might have. Good luck on your journey.

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