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What is a usual seo career path!? What is the difference between junior and senior positions in terms of tasks?

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Hmm, I might not be the most qualified individual to answer this because I’ve only been in the digital marketing space for about 6-7 years. There are SEOs who are technical, on-page, off-page, or content-focused. It really does vary. Some even dabble on ads, social media, and even traditional marketing. I started out as an SEO content writer when I was 18 and did it part-time. When I was 19, I went on to become a business development specialist although what I was doing was link building, SEO outreach, some WordPress development, and content writing. I was then a virtual assistant who created SEO-friendly Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube content like infographics, image posts, and videos. Then I became an SEO Specialist. After that, I became an SEO/PPC Specialist.

I am currently a Sr. SEO/PPC Specialist lol lotsa job titles 😂 My role is rather different than the rest of my team because I am the only one in the group who has the capacity to handle escalation from the client-side and provide urgent support to other teams regarding SEO matters. I also communicate with and trained sales teams directly and when they have issues, I deal with that too. Internal stuff, I always have my manager with me and we tackle things together but client-side, I have our sales rep and sales manager to face clients.

I also troubleshoot BI tools to some degree and perform quality control on marketing reports to hundreds of clients every month. On top of that, product development too.

This is only my career journey, though. I know and understand it can be very different from person to person. SEOs generally don’t have to deal with clients unless they are freelancers or sell their services, Managers or Directors usually take care of that side of things.

Anyway, I hope my answer provided some insight 😊

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