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Simple Steps to Take Before Upgrading Your Linux VPS

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how to upgrade linux vps

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Thanks to its natural flexibility, Linux VPS is highly scalable. As your website develops and attracts more visitors, you can gradually increase the allocated server resources and the capabilities of your Linux virtual server. The upgrade process itself is seamless and very simple, but there are a few preparations to make in order to be on the safe side at all times.

Steps to take before Upgrading your Linux VPS Server

Step 1: Calculate the total cost of the upgrades you need

Step 2: Create a comprehensive backup of your content

Step 3: Consult your hosting provider

Step 4: Plan for the upgrade

Calculate the total cost of the upgrades you need

First, you want to calculate the upgrades you need to get an estimate of the upgrade cost carefully. Since cheap Linux VPS plans are more affordable than ever, you may also want to compare solutions and look into what other top hosting companies are offering before making the final decision to upgrade your existing Linux VPS.

Create a comprehensive backup of your content

Next, you want to create a comprehensive backup of your current VPS server and store all the files and databases on a local machine.
This may seem like a non-essential thing to do, but the risk of losing files or crashing the server makes this step well worth the effort. Should anything happen during the upgrade process, say crashing of the server, you can always retrieve all your content from your local backup.

Consult your hosting provider

Contact your hosting company’s customer support and ask about the upgrade process. Before deciding to move forward with the upgrade, you need to know the process itself inside out.

Ask about the time required to complete the upgrade process and other details about upgrading your VPS hosting to gain a much better insight on other things to prepare.

Plan for the upgrade

Last but not least, plan the upgrade carefully. By timing the upgrade correctly, you can minimize the loss of visitors (or eliminate this risk completely) due to server downtime or unexpected errors.

Although these preparations seem easy, they are might save you from a lot of mistakes and confusion. Plan for your VPS upgrade, complete the preparation steps, and enjoy a smooth transition to a more powerful virtual server with extra features.


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