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In this Wi-Fi cracking course, we’re going to launch practical attacks against actual routers that I have here at my lab. So all the attacks work and all of them are practical attacks. They are not theories or proof of concept.

These attacks will allow us to obtain the passwords or the keys for different Wi-Fi networks, whether they use WEP or WPA, or WPA2 encryption.

The course is divided into three main parts:

Network Basics – Here we’re going to talk about how networks work, how devices communicate with each other, and various networking concepts. We will talk about the interfaces, the wireless cards, the modes that we can use these wireless cards in, and how we can sniff packets that are sent around us in the air.

Cracking WEP Encryption – Once we understand the Network Basics, and we can sniff packets in the air, we’re going to move to crack WEP encryption because it’s easier to crack than WPA. We will cover how WEP works first, then the theory behind cracking it. We will also cover the weaknesses in WEP, and then we’re going to discuss three methods to crack WEP encryption.

Cracking WPA and WPA2 Encryption – Here we will understand how WPA works and the difference between WEP and WPA. Then we will look at the weakness in WPA that will allow us to crack this encryption. WPA and WPA2 are similar, so they can be cracked using the same methods. We will talk about four methods to crack the new WPA encryptions.

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