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Most Web designers start out as solo ventures working out of their homes. But that’s where comparisons end. To grow beyond his initial talent and flair for design, we assembled a team experienced in every facet of Web development and Online Marketing

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Cyber Pro Kenya has grown from a bunch of ambitious freelance developers to a fully-fledged team of digital entrepreneurs. As we grow, we continuously expand our skills and help our clients succeed as well. We service a wide variety of sectors in the Industrial/Business to Business, Consumer and Service industries.

Our team boasts a solid background of services offering website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), software development, web hosting, digital marketing, ethical hacking, and on-site training. Our staff has extensive experience in programming, design, search engine optimization, as well as customer service, and have been recruited from a wide range of industries, enhancing our combined skills with our combined experience.

In a nutshell, we have the expertise, staff, and background to provide businesses with the full digital package. This “package” concept reduces time and ensures continuity in administering marketing and advertising needs, thus adding to the bottom line profitability.

Our goal is to offer clients an alternative to cookie-clutter websites that all look alike, just sit there, and don’t communicate any message to prospects. Our unique background in software and marketing allows us to get you online quickly and teach you the “shortcuts”. You’ll be web savvy in no time! We are committed to achieving outstanding results for our clients. Whether you need your website/branding built from scratch or need to improve your existing website/branding, our highly dedicated duo will work with you to achieve high quality & satisfying results.

An internet presence not only brings in new business, but also creates instant credibility. Websites have now become an industry standard for every business. Many of your competitors are online, reaping the rewards everyday. Are you getting your share of that huge online market?

David - Web Developer

David - Web Developer

“I know the idea gets abused and overused, but around here the customer truly is king. Although I have a number of people doing a number of things, I deal with most clients personally – especially at the outset of a project. I want to know their marketing history, their position in their industry, their plans for future growth, and most importantly, what they expect their new Website to accomplish. That’s the only logical approach

Nobody knows a company’s targets better than the company itself. By being available and actually listening to what our clients have to say, Cyber Pro Kenya has been able to streamline the Web design process and produce websites that bring the greatest ROIs. Once all the particulars are sorted out and the actual development begins, we start looking at website balance – how the content works with the design.

Cathy M - Digital Lead

Cathy M - Digital Lead

If you have a great design but weak content, people won’t stay on your website. There’s nothing to push the sale. If your content is persuasive but the design is unflattering, your readers will struggle to trust your content. We’re really obsessed with achieving this balance.”

Patrick- Android Developer

Patrick- Android Developer

From the start, I’ve focused on total product excellence, not just on how a website looks. We pay attention to the entire scope of Internet marketing, which involves a lot more than just building the Website. What good is a visually pleasing site if it doesn’t increase your traffic and your business?

Most companies and organizations today cannot compete without a strong online presence. Those that use the Web as a key part of their marketing strategy will outperform competitors who fail to realize this crucial facet of their overall campaign. Having a Website address to include on brochures, business cards, flyers, and signages immediately lend credibility to a business. It’s an extra – and very powerful – addition to the selling plan.

As important as it is for every organization to have an excellent Website, it’s a matter of commercial life and death for any company engaged primarily in e-commerce website marketing. These enterprises must provide a website that serves and sells with trackable precision, day in and day out.

We believe e-commerce is not only the wave of the future but the wave of right now. And building a powerful e-commerce website requires a lot more than basic HTML. The team I’ve put together is highly skilled in web development languages to guarantee websites that take the user through the process in a logical fashion.

Digital marketing, Graphics, Content, Targeted e-commerce, and above all, Code. It’s all important. But without strong relationships, it quickly becomes business as usual. And usually, that’s not good business.

Mercy - Customer Relations

Mercy - Customer Relations

You know what our clients find most appealing about us? It’s that we’re there for them, and they know it. We’re there to answer questions, give them support, share new ideas, and show them that we genuinely care about their online experience. The only measure we have of our own success is how successful our clients are. That’s the bottom line, and it’s not going to change.

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