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Order a creative, responsive website and get up to 3 months Free Web Hosting. We serve many industries including e-Commerce, Real Estate, Hospitality, Medicine and Engineering among many others. 

Graphic Interface

Our responsive website designs are tailored to your company's taste.


Mobile-first web projects with the best frontend component library.

Mobile Friendly

We create responsive and fast websites optimized for all devices

Content Update

Content is King. Our content marketing strategies compliment our web designs

Application Security

Our secure servers ensure your data stays safe through layers of firewalls

Error / Bug Fixing

We'll audit & troubleshoot your website to find and fix any bugs affecting UX

web design in kenya

Web Streamlining Strategy

Websites are a necessity to compete in today’s business landscape. We offer premium templates, semi-custom sites, and fully custom websites.

Fully Responsive
Device Testing
Clean & Modern
Great Experience

Highest-Rated Web Design Company in Kenya

Easy. That’s how you’d like life to be, right? Especially when you’re creating a website on your own. But that doesn’t mean you want the website to look severe and just functional. You want it to be pretty, smart and also respond and move when you interact with it, while saying all that you want it to say to your visitors. That’s where we come in.

Qodewire is one of the fastest growing web design companies in Kenya today. We have established ourselves as an affordable solution to what once seemed impossible for small businesses. Simply put, we are a company with big ideas. Our concept is simple; We believe in giving you the personal attention and support you deserve.

In today’s digital age, your website can, and will be a critical key to success, and we can help you make the most of it. Developing a close client relationship allows us to better understand your needs and goals in order to give you a fully-optimized and functional website that generates real value. As a privately owned company, this kind of service is not only possible but is the foundation of everything we do.

So, whether you are a large corporation, a small business just getting started, or even an entertainer looking for a way to promote yourself, we can help you gain a presence online. Your future on the Internet begins today – take the first step and contact us to discuss more.

Engaging Business Decisions for Revenue Growth

We merge imagination and technology to help brands grow in an age of digital transformation. Make the shift from now to next using our intuitive web development services.

Frontend Development
Project Management
Application Integration
Custom Applications
We are determined to create value by streamlining business processes and operational systems, by focusing on external and internal business processes and functions. We are committed to helping startups in becoming more effective online by realizing their goals through website conversions.
web design in kenya

Our Web Design Philosophy

If your website is only designed for aesthetics, chances are you’ll distract users from whatever you are trying to sell. Elaborate graphics and plugins take time to load and may actually drive users away. Flash designs are long outdated. Minimalist is the new “awesome”. We strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and website usability.

In some cases, visual extravagance is essential to maintaining a company’s brand image. In others, such extravagance would be merely annoying at best. If flashing graphics and pop-up windows aren’t functional elements–that is, elements that add value and ultimately result in revenue in some way–it is better to keep things simple. And that’s what we do. We like to keep things simple yet cool.

Your website’s design must also help users browse your site and take it in. One way to achieve this goal is by carefully organizing a “design hierarchy” or “drill down” for your site. Breaking down each page into concise sections and arranging them in order of importance will enable users to find what they want more easily. Consistent nomenclature and iconography are equally as important.

How we stand out from the rest

In this digital age, there are certainly many web design companies around. Freelancers have also flocked the market. And that’s okay. So how do we stand out from the rest?

At Qodewire, we like to keep things real. Our motto is “No outrageous promises – No outrageous prices!” We understand that in order to get a solid ROI from your website project, costs need to be contained. So we focus on meeting your project goals…within your budget.

We have simplified our web design and development process so that we can deliver timely, cost-effective and reliable, web services and solutions to our clients, both locally and globally. Our competencies have enabled us to empower our clients by providing Innovative Business Solutions. Our clients are our most valued assets, so customer satisfaction is important to us.

Our web developers are mainly based in Nairobi, but we occasionally deploy teams to follow up with customers outside our service area. Through our reliable self-service automated processes, we have managed to generate a lot of interest from both clients and other web developers.

Other than offering web development as a service, Qodewire empowers aspiring developers through our intuitive training. We offer web design and software development training to freelancers looking to expand their knowledge. The best part? It’s all Free! Our team of software developers in Nairobi will train you fluently in programming. We also have lots of web design tutorials that we offer to aspiring developers so they can learn and grow.Qodewire

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