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Meet the Guys Behind the Curtain

Customer Service Representative

Antony Kairu

Transforming Businesses
One Website at a time

With over 20 years of combined experience, Qodewire offers complete digital end-to-end solutions for both private and corporate clients. Our brand personality gives you an insight into our ethos. 

We love being stretched – it’s what keeps us going. Creativity and consistency are our thing.  We never assume or manage expectations, we exceed them. We are young enough to be in touch but old enough to care… So go on… 

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A web developer in Kenya with a striped shirt standing in front of a blue background.

Billy Nduati

Account Manager (inside sales rep)

Billy is important in leaving our digital footprint everywhere we go. Loved by everyone, limitless talent, and a great storyteller. Loves to write, also quickly learning how to write code. Billy definitely did not write this bio about himself.

Alias: The Bro-worker

Superpowers: Keeps all our clients happy, seems to have an answer for all their issues, the go-to person for all our tech issues.

Fears: Fire, Being swallowed by a big fish

qodewire ceo

David Karuri

Website Ninja

David is our safety blanket. The glue that binds us, the bricks that protect us, and sometimes, the wet blanket who cracks the whip (we like that!). Everything we do is led by the foundations he lays, on which we build all our work.

AKA: The Guy who pays for stuff

Superpowers: WordPress, Frontend Dev, Hosting support, HTML, CSS, Business Strategy.

Fears: Darkness, Frogs

A young woman, a white t-shirt, an orange background.

Victoria Makena

Web Designer / UI/UX Designer

Victoria is all about detail and ensuring we deliver the best possible work to our clients. She always makes sure the team is in high spirits and keeps the office happy… bribery via “Mutura” is Victoria’s forte!!!

Alias: The Cat Lady

Superpowers: WordPress, UX/UI Design, Frontend Dev,

Fears: Cockroaches, Growing a beard

ken kibata

Kenneth Kibata

Systems Administrator

Meet Ken the Ninja, our resident systems admin extraordinaire! Ken may have started his career as a writer, but quickly realized that his true passion was configuring servers. Armed with his keyboard and a big piece of roasted chicken, Ken has been handling our backend services ever since.

AKA: Makmende

Superpowers: WordPress, Server Management, Debugging, Security Patches.

Fears: Centipedes

edwin bett

Edwin Bett

Bubble.io Developer

Edwin is a Creative Developer specializing in the Bubble framework. Starting out as a freelancer, he soon grew his gear list to an awesome Dev. A self-driven winner, problem solver & artistic visionary (his words).

Alias: The Tall Guy

Superpowers: Bubble.io, UX/UI Design, Frontend Dev,

Fears: Snakes, Drowning

A young African woman, skilled in web development and design in Kenya, playfully sticks her tongue out.

Cathy Muthoni

Customer Experience

Cathy is the team’s backbone. Super-flexible and makes arrangements for us at the drop of a hat. She is also very, very well connected. You want pink elephants? Give her 5 minutes!

Alias: The Fashionista

Superpowers: Customer Experience, Virtual Assistance,
Client Relations

Fears: Being stood up on a date.

patrick qodewire

Patrick Kimani

Web Designer / Hosting Support

Meet our ideas guy. Remember our FREE web design program? Yeah, that was all him. With over 5 years in the industry, Patrick does everything from building websites and configuring servers to brewing the best coffee in the office!

Alias: The Gentleman

Superpowers: WordPress, UX/UI Design, Frontend Dev,
Hosting support, HTML, CSS, JS.

Fears: His landlord

A man in a red shirt is posing for a photo during a whitelabel WordPress project.

Azariah Kamau

SEO / Content Marketing

Azariah writes, writes, and writes. Sales pitches, Ad copy, Blog posts – he is the guy you call. Content Marketing for Qodewire is one of the many skills this brilliant and multifaceted genius brings to the table.

Alias: The Content King

Superpowers: SEO, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Frontend Dev, Hosting support, HTML, CSS, JS..

Fears: Heights, Women

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