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The goal of our SEO services is to fill your sales pipeline with a greater share of organically converting traffic. It’s that simple. And unlike other agencies, we have the results to back it up.

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Traffic Growth

Keyword Ranking

Performance Metrics

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Website SEO and ranking audits 

Using our proprietary 300-point evaluation and in-depth audit reports, we assess your site’s strengths and weaknesses with respect to SEO, traffic performance and conversion rate optimization.

Core Business Areas

Sustaining SEO success and maximizing ROI starts with thinking about long-term business goals. Our programs typically include the following:

Informative Content

We deploy the best tactics to create a content ecosystem rich with organic quality signals.

Visitor Growth

Before any engagement, goals are set and benchmarks integrated into traffic performance

Google Analytics

We assess and act according to your site’s SEO, traffic performance and conversion rate

Innovative Strategies

Our analysts compile a report and prioritized action points designed to improve your website’s lead generation

Link Building

We engage in outreach strategies to pitch your content to relevant publications to earn you quality backlinks

Reputation Management

We combine skillsets across content, development and search to build you a strong online reputation

Best SEO Company in Kenya

There are over 200+ ranking factors (or clues) used by the ever changing search engine algorithms to decide the most relevant webpages. These pages are, in turn, displayed in order of priority on search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a collection of strategies aimed at optimizing your website to rank higher in these search results.

At Qodewire, we offer superior SEO services that align perfectly with your business goals. We draft Custom SEO Strategies that comply with current and future search engine updates, and this is done after careful understanding your Business model. We analyze your business in terms of Niche, Target Audience, Competition and Geography. We then come up with a fully-custom On Page and Off Page SEO plan to generate and optimize your content for search.

SEO Audits: We provide a detailed analysis of your site’s On Page Optimization & Off Page (Link building) Optimization status. The report will enlist things that are well done, improvement areas, blockers & action items.

On Page Optimization: We optimize your website for both maximum SEO juice through Keyword Research & Selection, Content Optimization, URL Structure & Hierarchy Optimization, Metadata Optimization, Internal Linking, Site Architecture Optimization, XML Sitemaps and so much more.

Link Building: We Audit your current Link profile to list the sources that hurt your overall link popularity. We then design customized Link Building Strategies to earn you organic high quality backlinks from authoritative sources. Unlike many agencies, we employ clever and up-t0-date tactics such as Link Baiting and Video SEO.

Content Creation : We write Fresh and SEO-optimized content or curate content with your own findings/views for your website’s On Page SEO growth. We can either work on a Content development Strategy that you already have in place or design a Custom one for you.

We define a strong content strategy in line with your business goal or SEO needs and create effective content to achieve them

Keyword Research & Analysis: We use Ahrefs to generate accurate keyword reports and analyze user search trends. Our reports will help you highlight primary Keywords and Long Tail Keywords that convert well within your niche. You can then structure your SEO & Link Building Campaigns around this.

Competition Analysis: We crack your competitor’s On Page Optimization and Off Page SEO strategy and provide you SEO tips that will help your site outrank them.

Video SEO : Video SEO has gained a lot of traction over the last few years. We, therefore, include multimedia SEO strategies in our packages to focus on optimizing videos for search. These include YouTube Channels, Video Sitemaps etc. Read our Video Marketing Guide for Organic Traffic.

SEO Consulting : If you already have a short term & long term SEO Strategy, and a development team, then we can provide Expert SEO Consulting to overcome bottlenecks and any other technical issues that may arise along the way. Our SEO Consulting Services are aimed at helping you understand the Basics of good SEO, identify and leverage relevant keywords, understand who & why others are ranking better, and action plans to outrank competition.

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