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Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the nature of your website, we may expect upto 50% of the agreed amount paid upfront before we start. The remaining balance should be paid on the day the site goes live or three months from the date the contract is originally signed, whichever is sooner.

We offer this payment plan to help make our web design services affordable and flexible. Certain restrictions do apply and payments plans are not available for smaller packages.

We work with all types of clients from big corporations to individuals. We have clients all over the country and even internationally.

Currently, our company has a total of 8 employees. This includes designers, developers, and customer care team. We, however, outsource some services through temporary contracts. Such services include graphic artists, layout designers, project managers, sales managers, and various specialists such as System Administrators.

No job is too big or too small. We work with big and small businesses, corporations, professionals, home business owners, startups and even individuals. We are a fast-growing company – but still extremely personal. Every client is allocated a dedicated team member for a one-point contact.

Throughout the process, we will hold your hand and help your online dream come true. We have the experience and quality you need, while remaining very affordable. We have a proven track record, several certifications, acclaimed credentials and all the experience needed to be your “Web Guys” and make your online presence successful. Check out our portfolio to get a taste of our work.

Yes, just a one time cost as agreed during the project discussion.

While we mainly work remotely, we have offices in Nairobi and Juja. If you need to speak to a specific developer, please call them first before going to the office. Our developers work remotely and may not be available in the office

Yes! Actually, making it look like anything you want is not much of a factor. We’ll start with your initial direction and then work with you to refine it.

Usually, the content of a website or type of business does not affect the methods, procedures and codes used to build it. For example, you wouldn’t ask a car wash if they had washed your color car before.

Some websites require advanced functions to perform special operations. At Qodewire, we have the depth and experience to meet these needs. It would be unlikely that we had not had experience with your required website functions. But if that’s the case, we will be honest about it πŸ™‚

These kinds of websites require complex web development functions and will be quoted individually. Costs can exceed $10,000 for this type of work.

Our mission is to build the best and most cost effective website for your business. A professionally built website can promote your products and services, enhance your image, and generate sales. With that in mind, we will carefully research your business needs and plan a strategy to create the ideal web solution.

Initial Consultation

All our services begin with a free initial consultation to determine your requirements. Our experienced business analysts work closely with you to determine your exact needs and desires, and will complete a detailed design worksheet itemizing all your requirements. This helps us gather information about your company, services, audience, purpose, site goals, and more.

The consultation step is very important because we are committed to providing you with solutions that will work for you, not for us! We prefer you call so we can provide you with faster service, but emails are okay too.

Proposal & Paperwork

After you are confident we have addressed all your ideas, questions, and requirements, you can get specific recommendations for your project. There are many different ways to meet your specific needs. We explain these options with the proposed pricing to deliver them. Once you agree, you receive a formal proposal that contains all of the work you require, prices and payment schedule, and contract.


We may require a downpayment depending on the nature of your project. This will be communicated in advance. After “you agree”, “we agree” and paperwork is signed and emailed to us, we start the actual design process. If you do not understand the smallest of points at this step PLEASE ASK FOR CLARIFICATION! Miscommunication and false expectations do NOT move the design process forward in a productive manner. At ANY time please contact us about any concerns, questions or comments you have about your project.

Collecting Your Content

You will provide us with the text and any other content for your website and any specific pictures you would like. We can provide you with access to thousands of royalty free stock photos. We also offer optional professional copyright services.

Design Development

We ask you to provide examples of websites you really like, colors you like, and your competitors’ websites. If you want, you can also have a look at our past work and let us know any website elements you liked and we can incorporate the same for your website.

We can also provide you with access to our professional high quality Semi-finished Designs and you can choose the one you like. Once you provide that information to us, usually within 2 working days, you get a creative “mockup” of what your website will look like when it’s completed. At this stage, you and the designer work closely to develop a look that will be both visually pleasing and user-friendly.

Design Selection & Finalization

After the initial “Mockup” is designed, you will review it on our servers. We send you a web link to view the “mockup” and ask if you would like any changes. You request revisions as necessary and then you provide final approval.

Web Development

After receiving your final approval on the “mockup”, we will then begin building the website and web pages, incorporating the design and all the content provided earlier.

Pre-launch Evaluation

After the website is developed, you will be able to view all pages to make sure everything is exactly how you want it. You will submit any desired changes to the copy and then give final approval before the site goes live.

Launching Your Website

After final approval and payment confirmation, your website will be published on your domain, and it will be live for all the world to see!

Ongoing Support

After your website is launched, we will work with you to establish a regular review and maintenance schedule of your web site to accommodate your requests, user feedback, system upgrades and any new emerging web technologies. Website Maintenance is free for the first 2 years. After, you will have to sign a contract for a certain negotiable fee.

Due to the high level of custom work and the collaborative process involved in each website we build, it’s difficult to predict an exact turn around time. We will work together with you to complete the Web Design Project in a timely manner. We agree to work expeditiously to complete your Website, but delays can occur if any milestone that requires your action, such as approving design mockups or web design changes, is not acknowledged on time.

The important thing to remember is that we can only work as fast as you allow us to; turn around time is client-dependent. If content is provided sooner, initial and on-going instructions are clear and revisions requested are reasonable, turn around time can be significantly decreased. Most websites are usually completed within 4 working days.

No, we don’t.

Absolutely! You’ll have several options for managing your website after it’s completed. When we’re done constructing your new website, you will own it and have full access to it. You will be able to make any changes to the site if you have any web editing knowledge.

You can also opt for an editable website package. This way, you can log in to easily make changes to any non-Flash content in your site, any time you want. Just make sure you let us know you would like this option before you sign up.

That is not a problem; we actually have clients living abroad.

Everything you need to inspect is updated online for you to see. We are 100% in all our services and offer a 14-day money back guarantee. Communication moves easily via Emails, WhatsApp, and Calls.

Although we welcome our clients anytime to visit us physically, we have not met 98% of our customers in person. You don’t need to meet us to convey your ideas, we have the expertise in this field to understand your requirements from top to bottom..

The internet allows you to choose from the best web developers in the world and still get better, faster service than the shop across town can provide – and, after all, that’s what you’ll be using the website to offer your own clients, right?

We are always online, and work with many clients remotely to see their projects through. It just makes more sense for us than arranging personal meetings everyday.

We have 24/7 email and chat support. Phone support is available during Business Hours. Our customer care line is +254720362167

At Qodewire, we believe in business ethics. When you pay for any of our services, everything is done in the open. We do NOT have any hidden charges. Everything will be communicated beforehand

If you are wondering how we can charge as much as 70% less than our competition and still be in business? There are a number of things to consider:

Clients – Our clients always come first. We want to work within your budget, not vice versa. We like to be able to cater to your needs. Without clients, we have no business, and without business, we cannot make money. So with that in mind, we always make sure we take care of them and in return, we get tons of referrals, which significantly bring our marketing costs down.

Promotion and Advertising – We choose the way we promote our web design business very carefully. Every promotional dollar pays for itself. We’ve spent a lot of time researching in this field. This is what our business is about, “Web Design and Internet Growth”. So, we take this to the extreme. We find the absolute best value for money.

Co-Creation – We need your support to finish the website in a timely manner to keep our costs down. For this to happen, we expect you to give us materials on time and all milestones that require your action, such as approving design mockups or web design changes be acknowledged on time.

Yes. We work with several graphic designers for such projects. However, this will be charged separately.

Yes. We have a Digital Marketing Team that deals in PPC Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO. Not only can we help you get listed, but we can also help your website rank competitively against your competitors through several indexing API integrations.

Sure. Since we cannot control what happens once we complete the website, we can not guarantee they will be able to take your call. You can take a look at our Google My Business page or Facebook Page for just a few references. The best testimonial for us is our past work in our portfolio. You will be hard pressed to find any other company with as large a portfolio as ours.

Thank you! And yes, we get them very often. Our Mission is to be the best web design company in Kenya. Please feel free to drop us a compliment here.

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