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How to get Free Netflix Accounts for Life

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free netflix account hack

In this Article

Netflix is everywhere. Whenever you think about binging at home over the weekend, Netflix will probably be somewhere in that mix. In this post, I’ll cover a simple trick I came across in a forum that allows you to get a free lifetime Netflix subscription

I’m sure that Netflix will shut this down pretty soon but until then, here we go…

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What you Need

To get the free lifetime Netflix subscription, you will need an iOS device. That’s all!

How to get Free Netflix Accounts

1. Go into App Store and make a Canadian Apple ID

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2. Download the Netflix app WITH that Apple ID

3. You will then need to create a new Netflix account and do a 30-day trial. You can subscribe with iTunes.

4. Netflix will then prompt you to add a payment. Here’s where the magic happens. Enter the following card number exactly the way it appears below:
Card Number: 5496 9300 3145 2251
Expiry Date: 02/18
CVV: 663

The card is a MasterCard. Assuming Netflix hasn’t flagged this method yet, the payment details should go through without any issues

6. Finish setting up your free private Netflix account.

7. Enjoy!

Using on Multiple Devices

You can sign into the free Netflix account with other devices. It should work just fine. You can also create as many free private Netflix accounts as you want. Just be sure to use a different Apple ID each time

PS.. Don’t use your main Apple ID!

NOTE: This guide is just meant for learning purposes. We are not responsible for any damages or legal issues that may arise from its misuse.


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