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How to Set Up Gravity Forms Inline Submit Button

how to add gravity forms submit button inline

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One of Gravity Forms’ most popular releases is version 2.6, which introduced lots of community-requested features, among them, the ability to edit the submit button without leaving the form editor.

Previously, the Gravity Forms submit button option was located under general form settings and had no useful setup options. With the submit button now inside the form editor, users can now easily drag it around and add custom CSS to style it.

In this guide, let’s explore how you can align the Gravity Forms submit button inline with your other fields. This is particularly useful when you are doing horizontal forms like email newsletters as shown below.

gravity forms submit inline.webp

Follow these steps to add the submit button next to your form fields:

Step 1: Create your form and add the necessary fields. This guide explains how to create your first form in Gravity

Step 2: Click on the “Submit” button to open up settings options. This should open up in a slide window on the right

Step 3: Under “Field Settings”, expand the “Appearance” box and set the button location as “End of the last row”. This will shift the bottom to sit inline with the last field in the form.

gravity forms submit inline
A screenshot of the appearance button on a form.

Step 4: Resize the button to position it correctly next to the field(s)

Bonus points

By default, all form fields in Gravity Forms come with labels. When adding the submit button inline with the form fields, you will want to disable the form labels in form fields and use placeholders instead.

You will also want to set the button width as “Fill container” so your inline submit button doesn’t leave any weird spaces (please see screenshot above).

You can now also add an image to your Gravity Forms submit button and enable conditional logic so it only displays when certain conditions help. Please see this guide to learn more about this handy feature

Hope this guide helps πŸ™‚

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