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The goal of our Inbound Marketing Strategies is to fill your sales pipeline with a greater share of organically converting traffic. It’s that simple. And unlike other agencies, we have the results to back it up.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a summation of all kinds of internet marketing techniques that are used to attract organic traffic.

SEO + Social Media Marketing + Content Marketing + Conversion Rate Optimization = Inbound Marketing.

Why is Inbound Marketing important for your business?

Search engines have become more sophisticated in ranking websites on search. They now take into account a whole bunch of new factors like participation on social media, contribution to blog communities, forums, etc. So in order to win the race and outrank your competition, you’ve got to be smart and do everything that can earn you the spotlight among your prospects.

The Birth of Inbound Marketing

Search Engines are major pillars of the internet. To meet the growing dependency on search and maintaining the quality of search results, search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing have worked harder on their algorithms and made them smarter to keep the internet clean and safe. Here’s a short backstory…

During the early days when the Internet was still evolving, internet marketing was more or less limited to paid ads, SEO, and backlinking. It was relatively easier for a marketer or a spammer to manipulate the search engine rankings and generate lots of traffic. Search algorithms were unable to between the many spammy websites and link farms from the ones that actually offered real value. People were not getting the results they wanted. Something had to be done about it.

Google, then, decided to release several major updates on their search algorithm. The updates were meant to find and penalize thin content, spammy link farms, and all those dirty websites. The most powerful and still popular updates released by Google were Penguin and Panda. Millions of websites were penalized and banned from Google search and for the first time in a long time, SEO actually meant something. If you didn’t do the work, you didn’t stand a chance at ranking.

Google still continues to roll out updates on their algorithms and they are always kept in secret (Read Our Guide on Surviving Google Panda Updates). It is this unpredictability that has forced many webmasters to remain compliant with the rules of Search Engine Marketing. The whole face of online marketing has changed, giving birth to a new concept – Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing in Kenya

At Qodewire, we create custom inbound marketing strategies and provide Inbound Marketing Services to boost your search engine rankings, increase social media engagement, improve conversion rates and establish your small business as a trusted resource/brand in your niche. We also provide Inbound Marketing Consulting services to guide your in-house team on technical issues and effective marketing campaigns.

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Inbound Marketing Services in Kenya

The goal of our Inbound Marketing Strategies is to fill your sales pipeline with a greater share of organically converting traffic. It’s that simple....

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