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Wall Street Market Review

Wall Street Market Review

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Not many Deep Web marketplaces of repute and trust are left which let you shop with the peace of mind that you seek, Wall Street Market is one of the very few remaining which still does.

Since most other marketplaces are seized or not functioning, it’s time we bring out with utmost transparency and honesty the functioning of the few which still are.

I’m sure I need not elaborate on what Wall Street Market is, or what it does. It’s a Darknet marketplace on the TOR network which lets you buy products and substances which either are illegal, hard to come by or controlled.

The reason I’m talking of Wall Street Marketplace and not of the so many others is that it’s one of the oldest players in the game, which is quite often compared to Silk route and Hansamarket, the former dark web market leaders.

Anyway, without beating around the bush, let’s get started with this Wall Street Market review.

Quick Overview of Wall Street Market:

  • WallStreet Market Total Listings – 10000+ (as on April 29, 2018)
  • Security Level Rating – 4 Star
  • 2FA with PGP (For PGP Key check out this link)
  • Support Multiple Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin (BTC), Monero(XMR))
  • New Registration – Enable

Who can Use or Access Wall Street Market?

If you are thinking, you can access that type darkweb marketplace only when you have advanced level tech skill or should be a hacker then you are wrong, according to me, only you need right direction to access these type marketplaces, I am telling that thing because this is right.

If you don’t know anything about the deep web or dark web, first you should know what is deep web, The dark web, and how to access the dark web securely without leaving any footprint or tracking. Do you want to get all these information in full detail then you should read complete guide for access the dark web.

No, you need not be a hacker or a tech-geek; as long as you have a computer, Tor browser, a VPN and the WallStreet Market URL you’re good to go.

Even if you’ve never been on a Darknet marketplace before, you wouldn’t be confused on the platform, it has a very friendly interface which consists of a top-bar, a categories side-bar, and the
centre screen.

Simply clicking on the categories from the left-sidebar brings up all the products in the specific category and displays it on the centre-screen, from there you can just select the products you want and order them right away.

They even have “Top Vendors” and “Rising Vendor” sections which help newbies directly find buyers they can trust without having to fear scams.

What can you Buy on Wallstreet Market?

The efficiency of any Deep web marketplace is largely based on the products it offers, just like a shop, the customer service, security, price and everything come into effect only if it’s product-rich.

Like any other marketplace, Wall street market too offers a plethora of products, the total number is 9859 to be exact at the moment, and the products available can be seen from the categories section.

Just 5 months ago, the number of products was less than half its current number, so this exponential growth in the number of the available product clearly speaks of its growing popularity and success.

Obviously “Drugs” has been the ever-popular category of product in all the deep web marketplaces I’ve ever seen, with Wall Street Market too, it occupies more than half its total product stock, amounting to almost 5,000 individual listings.

Except for drugs, you can also get counterfeit products, digital goods, carding ware, guides and tutorials and everything else which you can’t get in a normal shop offline or online.

So from the products-perspective Wall street market is in no way any less good than the other top-markets out there, in fact it may very well be one of the most heavily stocked darknet markets in existence now that there aren’t many old markets left.

How Secure and Trust-Worthy is Wall Street Market?

Once you make sure a Market is easy to understand and access and is well-stocked I believe a question we all ask is- How secure or trustworthy it is, don’t we?

First of all, it’s completely secure and anonymous. Meaning while registering, you need not provide any E-mail ID, real-name, or address. In fact, it’s encouraged that you provide as random and untrue details (username) as possible.

The payment too isn’t done via your cards or banks, rather via Cryptocurrencies and Cryptocurrencies are anonymous as well as secure (most of them anyway).

Then, it offers 2-factor authentication via PGP encryption, so even if your password is compromised, no one gets into your accounts without your permissions.

The same PGP encryption can also be used to secure your communications and confidential information when shared with sellers such as address and other details.

It also has a 2 of 3 Multisig in place. Most of the newer platforms do not offer this, it’s a security feature which demands at least 2 out of 3 signatories  (you / the other party / and Wall Street Market) to confirm to a transaction before it goes through.

It’s also one of the very few darknet markets which lets not only buyers verify seller trust, but even sellers can verify a buyer’s history and trust-level by analyzing his/her previous orders, disputes, reviews, total processed orders and other crucial details.

There’s also an advanced login system, where you can specify the auto-log out time, so that if even if
you leave your system unattended, it would be automatically logged out after the specific time.

And finally, they’ve got an Escrow system in place as well which guarantees that the trade smoothly goes through without either party scamming the other.

So, from the security-perspective, I’d totally rate the platform a 5/5 for this Wall street market review.

Offers Quality Control

It’s probably the only market in the industry which publicly offers a “quality control” service.

They basically partnered up with DNMAvengers; it’s a group of people which monitors and controls product scams on the platform.

For e.g. if you find a faulty, wrong, fake or basically unacceptable product which was sent to you, you can report it to the group, and they actively take action against it.

It’s not the same as customer support because it’s dedicated for this very purpose, and as they don’t
have anything else on the plate, it’s faster and effective than talking to customer support.

How can you Pay for Products?

While most deep web marketplaces accept only Bitcoins, Wall street market, on the other hand, accepts both Bitcoin as well as Monero.

Bitcoin is the most anonymous cryptocurrency available, and Monero even though probably isn’t as anonymous still is a great option as it provides for lesser transaction time and fee.

It has three payment methods:

  • First
    – It’s another name for Finalize Early if you trust the buyer enough
    you can use this method to directly send your money to the vendor for
    the product you’re buying. Note that in this case Wall Street market has
    no control over the funds and you may be scammed.
  • Escrow
    – This is the most commonly used and safe method, in this method your
    Bitcoins/Monero are first held by Wall street market, and only once the
    trade is complete are they sent to the trader.
  • And 2 of 3 Multi Sig
    – MultiSig brings in 3 parties to the transaction, the buyer, the
    seller and the marketplace team itself. Which makes sure the transaction
    doesn’t go through without the approval of at least 2 parties which
    secures the payments.

What’s Unique?

Every deep web marketplace offers products, security, and anonymity, but there’s something that makes this Wall Street market unique!

They eliminated the “wallet” system, meaning, unlike other marketplaces you need not deposit funds on the marketplace first before trading!

You can order the product directly and make the payment directly to the vendor! This saves time (as cryptocurrency transfers take time) and also saves you from price fluctuations for Bitcoin or Monero.

Because at other exchanges, if you deposit $100 worth of funds today, they may become $80 or $70 as well and you’ll have to deposit funds again, hence again taking more time and transaction fee.

But with Wall street’s innovation, you make payments on the spot hence eliminating all such problems!

Customer Support

There are times when you need to seek refuse from the customer support team; such as in the cases of payment problems, vendor scams, etc.

From my own experience and from the comments and posts of other users in the community and on the Internet, Wall street market has always provided top-notch customer support.

That too without bias; meaning unlike some marketplaces which side with either vendors or sellers almost always, Wall street market has been found to honestly be neutral.

Is Wall Street Market Illegal?

For the uninitiated; every deep web marketplace is illegal. That’s so because of the products being sold there.

But also note that “Browsing” these marketplaces isn’t illegal and won’t necessarily land you in jail, as long as you don’t buy something, or procure an illegal service (such as hacking).

Just like buying guns, drugs and child porn on the clearnet or real world is illegal in most countries, so it is on the dark web marketplaces as well.

Final Words

As of today, Wall Street Markets has nearly 400,000 customers and 2911 vendors. Which I shall say is a good number which speaks not only of its trust, but also that you’re likely to find what you’re looking for.

Also, I personally have been a customer to the platform for over a year now and I’ve not found a lot to complain about except the occasional login issues which do exist (buttons don’t work after login).

Bottomline, it’s trust worthy, easy, product-rich and secure. What more can a user ask for?

Anyway, that was my personal experience with the platform and a review of the same, your opinion and experience may vary hence I urge you to check the platform out; spend some time over there and then let me know what you think of Wall Street Market.

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