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Our web design process largely involves a realistic simulation of a real website user journey. 

Mapping out the Customer Journey

Our web design process largely involves a realistic simulation of a real website user journey. Keeping our professionalism and design expertise in mind, we put ourselves in our users’ shoes and logically follow their expected footsteps.

  • We immediately begin scanning down the page, skimming the text for keywords that match our intent on the website.
  • Next, we scan the navigation links for one that will lead us to the information we’re looking for. The first interesting link we see we click on, hoping to find the information we’ve been looking for.
  • After checking where the link takes us if we didn’t find what we were looking for, we hit back and try another link on the navigation bar.

The steps above are very common. These are the steps that most of your visitors will go through. We, therefore, keep all these steps in mind when designing the structure, layout, and navigation details of your website.

During our web design process, our web developers become a part of your company and develop the same goals as you have. We want to be professional and successful online. We want our visitors to find the information they’re looking for easily. We want to build trust between your current visitor and your company. There is much more to designing a website that will meet all these goals! And Cyber Pro Kenya is on top of them all!

So many factors go into designing any website. Color schemes, site navigation, optimization, content, layout, and the list goes on. All our websites are browser-compatible across all major browsers, Optimized for search engines, and Professional to communicate your goals. We also run several performance tests using GTmetrix and Google Lighthouse to ensure speed and optimization are in check.

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Why you should Hire us

  • Localised support. Being Kenyan-based, we give personalized support to all our existing clients and schedule one-on-one meetings if the need arises.
  • Expertise across the complete life cycle, spanning requirements capture and analysis, design, development and testing
  • Our Process-oriented development ensures timely delivery of defect free solutions
  • Experience in executing large web development projects for global clientele
  • Committed to establishing long term relationships with customers
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