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Anna Is Sad – The Mysterious Website on The Dark Web

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The dark web is full of mystery and what many would consider bizarre. The content therein exists inside layered proxy networks (also known as darknets) which are predominantly Tor darknets. If you haven’t checked out our guide on How to use the Dark Web, then I suggest you do so first. Nothing will make sense in this article unless you have a little background.

While the dark web has become synonymous with crime and illegal trade, its native concept was purely to push for internet freedom. Unsurprisingly, people took it too far. But, (*insert Katt Williams’s voice here*) we are not here to judge.

Anna is Sad – The Strange

Today, we are going to delve into a somewhat strange and weirdly unpopular part of the dark web: Anna is Sad. And before you ask, no it’s not a therapy forum.

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Unlike the many disturbing websites on the dark web (and they are many), Anna is Sad is a very simple webpage created under a simple premise which, to be honest, is not that impressive. But humans are curious. Over the years, many online communities and forums have tried to crack the mystery behind the “Sad” website.

At first glance, the homepage is as simple as a title that reads “Anna is Sad…” in huge black letters and a donation request. There’s also an anime GIF of a small girl crying and some sad music is playing in the background.


How it Works

Basically, the website can be summarised as a fundraising project. There is a Bitcoin wallet address where users can send their donations to. Once you make your donation anonymously, you then send an email to sadanna@secmail.pro and in return, you get a gift.

What is the gift after the donation?

Debates about the nature of the gift you receive from Anna range from your normal everyday topics to extremely wild ideas. Some cybernautas believe that the “gift” received is something sexual, like pictures of a girl. Well, this is not far from the truth.

The most correct theory is about a girl who in exchange for donations, sends her naked pictures in order to survive. But here’s the best part. If you send a message to the email listed on the website asking about the nature of the gift or anything along the same lines, you get the following message: “People like you make me sad”

The FBI and other Conspiracy Theories

The FBI, no doubt, consists of some of the best hackers and computer nerds in the world. Silk Road was not brought down by bozos. One of the many things its security department is actively doing is tracking down pedophiles and any other group of disturbed people on the internet.

The Dark Web is the FBI’s primary hunting ground. Creating fake websites to lure in targets is one of their dirtiest tricks. And it works. So it is very likely that Anna is Sad is or could potentially be used to trap perverted people on the dark web.

Why is the website on the Dark Web?

It’s a well-known fact that a good number of internet users visit the dark web just to stream and download illegal porn. And yes, that is very sad. The simple fact that Anna is Sad has a sexual connotation to it makes many dark web users curious. And the crying animated girl doesn’t help either.

The website draws even more attention because it seems that it refers more to a few acronyms than a name. Some also believe that the name could also refer to another Pro-Anorexia page.

Where is the Website

Expert hackers claim that Ana Is Sad website is hosted on a local computer, using the PC as its server. Assuming this is true, it would mean that the website instantly dies if the computer is turned off. Funny enough, Anna Is Sad is always active!

I’ll let you think about that for a minute or two.

Here is the direct onion link for Anna is sad
(If this doesn’t work, try https://anna4nvrvn6fgo6d.onion.link/)

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