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Terms of Service

This Terms of Service is an agreement between you (“you”, “user”) and Qodewire  (“We”, “Us”).

This POLICY sets forth the general terms and conditions of your use of the products and services made available by us  and on our websites (collectively, the “Services”).

This POLICY governs the use of Qodewire’s web hosting service. Violation of this POLICY may result in suspension or termination of your service. In the event of a dispute between you and Qodewire regarding the interpretation of this POLICY, Qodewire’s interpretation, in its reasonable commercial judgment, shall govern.

The following is the entire TERMS OF SERVICE agreement between Qodewire and the personal or corporate account holder.

Qodewire provides Web Hosting, Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Software Development. We have certain legal and ethical responsibilities consisting with the use of its servers and equipment involved in these services.

Qodewire’s general policy is to act as a provider of Internet presence. Qodewire reserves the rights to suspend or cancel a customer’s access to any or all services provided by Qodewire when we decide that the account has been inappropriately used

Privacy Guarantee

Qodewire guarantees client contact information is securely stored and no sharing of such information with third party.

Uptime Guarantee

Qodewire has a 99.95% uptime that is observed for its services: Please note that scheduled downtime is not counted as ‘real downtime’ since prior communication will be made to affected users.

Technical Support

Qodewire provides 24 hours support all the days of the year: Avenues of communication include calls, live-chat, emails and ticket method.

Legal & Copyright Issues

Our full digital package policy means that we may, sometimes, manage client websites as long as they are under contract. Qodewire is NOT responsible for any legal or copyright issues that might arise externally or otherwise from these contracts. Our contracts indemnify us from these actions.


Qodewire accepts payments via Lipa Na Mpesa, PayPal, and/or Bank Transfers. Services are offered for specified periods of time depending on the subscription and should be renewed before the period elapses.

When your service is about to expire we will send you an invoice, via email, for renewal 60 days to expiry date. We will then send email reminders 30 days and 10 days to expiry. We will also send an email expiry notification on the day of domain/service expiry. We also follow up with calls and SMS to ensure you got our email notifications regarding your service status.

If not renewed by expiry date, your service will then be suspended. Access to the service can then be provided only if renewal is done in full.

If you do not plan on renewing your service, we recommend you take a backup of the data in your hosting plan and save it offline before the service expires and is suspended.

Services not renewed will be terminated permanently after expiry and after the grace period elapses.

Free Trials & Refunds

Some clients may be eligible for a free trial. When this happens, you will get a fully-functional hosting account to test our servers before making the decision to pay for a subscription. When your free trial is over, you are required to either upgrade to a paid account or request for termination.  If you choose the later, your data will be deleted and purged from our servers within 24 hours, so be sure to keep a backup.

We do NOT issue refunds. Our free trial service is meant to substitute any moneyback guarantees. You are required to test our servers fully before deciding to upgrade to a paid account. In special cases, you may request our support team to extend your free trial for a few days. We reserve the right to accept or decline this request. 

Content and Prohibited Actions

Customer agrees to use the Services for lawful purposes only. Qodewire prohibits the following content on our servers and network. You MUST not publish or transmit via Qodewire’s service any content that we reasonably believe:

  • Constitutes pornography.
  • Is excessively violent, incites violence, threatens violence, or contains harassing content or hate speech.
  • Is unfair or deceptive under the consumer protection laws of any jurisdiction, including chain letters and pyramid schemes.
  • Is defamatory or violates a person’s privacy.
  • Creates a risk to a person’s safety or health, creates a risk to public safety or health, compromises national security, or interferes with an investigation by law enforcement.
  • Improperly exposes trade secrets or other confidential or proprietary information of another person.
  • Is intended to assist others in defeating technical copyright protections.
  • Clearly infringes on another person’s trade or service mark, patent, or other property right.
  • Promotes illegal drugs, violates export control laws, relates to illegal gambling, or illegal arms trafficking.
  • Is otherwise illegal or solicits conduct that is illegal under laws applicable to you or to Qodewire
  • Disputed Services; this is incase a domain has ownership disputes; Qodewire will suspend the services pending the dispute resolution.
  • General Dispute; Qodewire holds high standards of integrity;any cases of conning, phishing,copyright infringement will be taken very seriously. Qodewire holds the rights to suspends or terminate such services without notice. An email notification will be sent(before or after) to you  in such cases;the parties involved have The burden of proof. Once Qodewire has verified the above proofs, the service will be reinstated or terminated.
  • Hacker focused sites
  • Proxy Scripts
  • Anything related to torrents
  • Warez, hacking tools, exploits

Any account found to be in violation of another’s copyright will be expeditiously removed, or access to the material disabled. Any account found to be in repeated violation of copyright laws will be suspended and/or terminated from our service.

Customers are responsible for keeping their accounts Scripts, plugins and modules up to date and secure at all times and strong passwords must be used always.

Customer agrees to keep his contact information and e-mail on file up to date at all times. We will use the e-mail on file to send notifications about generated invoices, due invoices, Services suspension, Services termination, new Services provisioned and any other related information.

Qodewire exercises no control over, and accepts no responsibility for, User Content or the content of any information passing through our computers, network hubs and points of presence or the Internet. Qodewire does not monitor User Content. However, you acknowledge and agree that we may, but is not obligated to, immediately take any corrective action in Qodewire’s sole discretion, including without limitation removal of all or a portion of the User Content or User Websites, and suspend or terminate any and all Services without refund if you violate the terms of this Agreement.

You hereby agree that Qodewire shall have no liability due to any corrective action that we may take.

Changes To Our Terms

We reserve the right to make changes to the terms at any time without notification. Customer agrees to visit the terms of service regularly for updates

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