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21 Popular Online Business Directories in Kenya to List Your Business

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Local Online Business Directories in Kenya

Local Online Business Directories are web portals that list, categorize, and map local businesses. Most online Business Directories in Kenya also allow customers to write reviews on local businesses listed within the directory.

In recent years, as the use of the internet has become the norm in most demographics, Local Online Business Directories have essentially replaced traditional print (yellow page) Business Directories. As such, they have become the standard in how local businesses are searched for and found in today’s smart consumer marketplace.

For any local business owner, website or not, listing their business on all the main Online Business Directories should be a top marketing priority. This not only serves a good local SEO tool but also acts as a complimentary online profile for your business

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The top 3 Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, and Bing) all integrate their business listings directly into their search results, making them the most important directories to be listed on. In addition to the big 3 Search portals, there are also many other popular Local Business Directories that can be beneficial to be listed on.

Getting Listed on Google My Business

Google My Business (previously Google Places) is Google’s local business listing and review portal. Integrated with Google Search and Google Maps, an optimized Google My Business listing can be the single most important task local business owners can take to increase their exposure online.

It is estimated that consumers now use online search as much as 30 times more than traditional Print Yellow Page searches. Furthermore, local online search has shifted primarily to Mobile devices, and as of 2020, it is estimated that Google controls up to 90% of mobile searches.

While it is free for business owners to list their businesses on Google My Business, correctly optimizing the listing for maximum search exposure and higher rankings can take time and experience.

Popular Online Business Directories in Kenya to List Your Business

Most Local Business Directories in Kenya are free and simple for business owners to list or claim their business on. Some also offer paid advertising options for additional exposure. Advanced Local Business Directories like Google My Business allow businesses to add deals or coupons on their listing page to help attract first time customers.

Below are some of the most popular online business directories in Kenya that are worth listing your business on:

Group Buying Websites

Group Buying Websites, also known as“daily deal” or “local deal” websites, are online portals that connect local businesses offering discounted products and services with local consumers looking for great offers. Most Group Buying websites offer advertising opportunities for a wide range of local merchants, including restaurants, entertainment venues, salons, gyms, and other local services and retail establishments.

Group Buying websites can present an excellent opportunity for local businesses to reach a large number of local customers and potentially increase their customer base by offering a great one-time deal. Typically, Local Deal platforms do not charge upfront for merchants to advertise their deals. Instead, pricing is based on a revenue share model, in which 50% is the industry standard.

While Group Buying portals can be a very effective channel for local businesses to attract a high volume of new customers, the high revenue share on top of already deeply discounted deals can make this type of advertising difficult to turn a profit on. Business owners that use this method of advertising should be prepared for a high influx of customers, an initial profit loss, and should have a strong customer retention plan in place to help recover the initial expenses.

Since the initial success of the Group Buying trailblazers Groupon and Living Social, several other major players have entered the Group Buying and Local Deal market, including Amazon (Amazon Local), Google (Google Offers), and Yelp (Yelp Deals). Countless other local Group Buying and Local Deal websites have also entered this emerging market. Unfortunately, we are yet to see a worthwhile Group Buying website tailored specifically for the Kenyan market.

Final Words

Listing a business on the most popular Local Online Business Directories in Kenya can be the single most important step that local businesses can take to establish their presence online.

There are dozens of local online business directories that can be beneficial for local businesses to be listed on. However, it can be a very time-consuming task to add, update, and optimize business listings across multiple business directories. Nonetheless, it’s all worth the hassle.

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