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The Complete Guide to Finding the Best Web Designers in Kenya

web designers in kenya

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Who is a Web Designer?

A web designer is one of the most important people in your business if you have an online presence. Their responsibility includes everything from designing, developing, illustrating, coding, debugging, testing to promoting your website.

A good web designer in Kenya will create a modern and user-friendly website for you that can easily be customized according to your requirements. An even better web designer will go the extra mile to offer consultation on how best your website can be optimized for search engines in order to get better organic traffic.

Why you should Hire a Web Designer for your Kenyan Business

There are various benefits of hiring a professional web designer for your business over trying to design the website yourself. First, a professional will know what web design trends are currently popular and will use that to design a modern and easy-to-navigate website for you.

Secondly, it can be hard for someone without training or experience to create an effective navigation system on their own. This will consequently frustrate your website visitors when they can’t find what they’re looking for quickly.

It’s important to note that not all web designers will possess all the skills required in the whole web design process. So it’s always a good idea to do your research beforehand. With the right designer on board, you can expect a seamless experience as they work with you throughout the entire process of website creation.

The Website Design Process

Step 1: The Planning Stage

The planning stage is the most important stage of the web design process. This is when you need to consider who your target audience is, what they are looking for, and what you want them to do.

First, you want to define the goals for each page on your website. The goals can be anything from increasing online sales to promoting a certain product. Once you have defined your goals, you need to identify the needs of your target audience. You can do this by conducting surveys or interviews or even just observing them with a keen eye.

The next step in the web design process is figuring out how you will use words and images on each page of the website to achieve those goals.

The final step involves writing an outline for each page and preparing a content marketing plan for the overall website. This step is optional… at least for now.

Step 2: Set Up the Budget and Scope of Work

A popular question among many new business owners is “How much does a web designer in Kenya cost?

Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere between Ksh.25,000 – Ksh.40,000 for basic CMS-based websites. For more complex and custom-coded websites, you can hire a Kenyan web developer for about Ksh.150,000.

It is, however, important to note that these figures may vary greatly depending on the nature of the website and designer skills among many other factors.

While some might argue that cheap is expensive, this is not always the case when it comes to web design. There are some great web designers in Kenya who will charge fairly cheap for some quality work. Asking for your candidates’ portfolios might help you make a more informed decision when choosing the best designer for your project.

Before hiring a web designer, you need to set up the budget and scope of work. If your budget is tight and you only need the website to do a few things, then hiring a consultant or an agency might be more suitable for you.

It is also important to ask them about their experience in this field and check out their previous work. This will help you weigh their skillset against how much they are charging you for the project.

Step 3: Finding Candidates for Your Project

There are a number of ways to find a good freelance web designer in Kenya for your project. You can ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations, you could post a job listing on websites like Fiverr, or you can search among designer portfolios on platforms such as Behance or Dribbble.

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The best way to find a good candidate is to look at their past work and see if it rhymes with what you need.

Step 4: Interviewing Candidates for Your Project

It is important to ask the right questions when interviewing a potential web designer in Kenya for your project. These questions will ultimately determine whether they have the skills and experience you need.

In order to draw out a candidate’s skills and experience, it helps to ask them how they would approach the given project. Try to inquire about their work process and see if they can provide sample work. Web designers who are willing to provide samples are usually confident with their work and will often be a good choice.

Step 5: How To Close The Deal With A Web Designer In Kenya

Here are a few things to consider when working with a web designer:

  1. Ask for design samples so that you have an idea of what the final product will look like.
  2. Remember that your designer is probably going to work on other projects while they work for you, so be patient and kind when requesting updates.
  3. It’s important to get into a rhythm of communication early, so be sure to have regular phone calls and check-ins throughout the project. The more you communicate, the better able your team will be to work together effectively!
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