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5 Ways to Optimize Your Web Design Business for Search Engines

Ways to Optimize website for Search Engines

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Search engine optimization is still considered a newer form of marketing, but it’s quickly catching on fire and has become one of the best ways you can generate new clients for your web design business in Kenya.

Just think of how many times you use Google each week to find new things and services. In this article, I have highlighted some really effective, yet simple ways you can optimize your web design business for improved search engine traffic.

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Use Descriptive Project Titles

Instead of just naming your works “Project 1 and Project 2″, think of something more descriptive such as “Website Design for Company Name”. Use this more descriptive and keyword rich title in your page headings, page title and in the description area. These are all signals that tell search engines what your page is about so they can provide better search results to users.

Add Project Descriptions and Cases Studies

Search engines like good website content and so do people. Adding good descriptions and even longer case studies is a great way to tell people about your projects and at the same time, provide search engines with more content to index.

Try adding 3-5 sentence descriptions for each project on the individual project pages and then publish longer case studies and link back to them from the respective project pages.

Add Alt and Title Tags to All Images

Most people don’t realize that images can actually send websites a lot of traffic if optimized correctly. Adding descriptive and keyword rich alt and title tags to all your important images, including your logo/header image is very important if you want to maximize search traffic.

Improve Your Site Structure

Poor site structure is the leading cause of poor search engine traffic. Think of yourself as a search engine spider trying to get to all the pages of your website easily. Can you get to and from all the content on your website within a few clicks? It’s important to have a universal navigation (meu), use categories to group similar items, use breadcrumb trails, include links to sections of your website, and your sitemap in the footer.

Create an HTML and XML Sitemap

Sitemaps are a simple way to help search engines index all your content. They are also important from a usability standpoint, especially on large websites where people can get lost. Take the time to create both sitemaps and actually make the sitemap page useful. Submit your XML sitemap to webmaster tools of the major search engines, or at least Google.

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