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Best SEO Company in Kenya – Boost Your Organic Rankings

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Google recently announced that it now indexes more than a trillion URLs. Whilst many of these URLs aren’t particularly useful (representing replica, auto-generated content) the figure that Google presents clearly demonstrates the vast scale of the Internet.

How many websites are indexed by Google in 2020?

As of September 2020, Google’s index contains over 5.55 billion webpages from at least 1.3 billion websites. This clearly shows the rapid growth of the internet from the 175 million indexed websites back in 2008. Google is only getting better and we can expect these numbers to keep growing rapidly in the coming years.

Benefits of Appearing on the First Page of Google

Index-size envy is largely a thing of the past though, as research shows clearly that search engine users rarely scan more than two pages of web results. What’s important to web users is the delivery of 10 or 20 really relevant web links or even direct, factual answers to queries. Very few of the millions of people who perform the many hundreds of millions of web searches conducted daily have the time/inclination (or stupidity!) to wade through 5,000 results to find the desired information. Life’s too short.

What people really want is information aggregated and aggregated accurately offering returns as relevant to their search as possible. Those organizations that present their products, services or messages in ways that can be found at the top end of searches derive clear Competitive Advantages.

It’s all about visibility. If nobody sees you, nobody knows you exist and your message is lost in the ‘noise’ of the Internet – the billions of competitive or irrelevant alternative pages. You’ll sink without a trace if you’re not careful as customers turn to competitors who make their products and services more accessible. How you get to the top of Search Engine rankings is clearly the most important question, and the answer is fairly simple. Professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Best SEO Company in Kenya

SEO is the process by which your website and its online presence is tuned to enable it to appear at the top of the listings. Applying SEO effectively is the key to organic visibility. Fortunately, this is an area where we at Qodewire particularly excel in.

SEO is a holistic, multi-dimensional discipline. Successful Search Engine Optimisation requires a ‘big picture’ approach. Applied professionally and effectively, it reflects the essence of an organization – what that organization is trying to achieve, why it is trying to achieve it, and how.

There are a whole host of integrated techniques that need to be applied to create an effective Search Engine Optimisation Strategy. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to SEO. Different websites, different organizations, and different business objectives each need approaching on an individual basis.

Effective SEO comes as no accident. It’s the result of deploying a range of different techniques and the degrees by which they’re applied to specific areas that best benefit each individual project.

Qodewire provides a complete, beginning to end search engine optimization service. Through each project life cycle, from its inception through to regeneration as a new or consequent project, we blend a comprehensive suite of expert SEO services.

To get started with us, use our Free SEO Audit Tool to analyze your website for SEO mistakes.

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