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Cyber Pro Kenya is now Qodewire.

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Newspaper theme by tagDiv is one of the most popular magazine themes on WordPress. With over 95,000 sales on ThemeForest, the theme is quite robust in layouts and ideal for News websites, publishing blogs, and reviews sites. 

In today’s mobile-first world, the Newspaper theme is way ahead of the curve. It comes with a unique mobile theme and is AMP ready. The theme also comes with extra integrations for Instagram, bbPress Forum, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce. It also supports responsive Ads, making it ideal for content blogs from cryptocurrency, fashion, food, lifestyle, travel, viral News, minimalist projects and the list goes on.

Newspaper Theme Cloud Library

Like most multipurpose website templates on WordPress, the Newspaper theme comes with its own live editor –  the TD Composer. It’s basically tagDiv’s page builder for the theme and it’s loaded with lots of widgets to choose from.

Importing Demos

When you first install the Newspaper theme, you will be prompted to import one of the many demo layouts available. The demo import pulls content as templates, which can be edited from Cloud Templates on the WordPress dashboard menu. You can also import specific templates from the Cloud Library into your existing website (requires theme activation).

However, unlike popular page builders like Elementor and WP Bakery, the tagDiv composer is not very user friendly. It takes a lot of getting used to just to understand the logic of the widgets available. 

During importation, Newspaper theme imports 10 different page templates: 404 Template, Attachment Template, Author Template, Category Template, Date Template, Footer Template, Header Template, Search Template, Single Post Template, and the Tag Template.

How to edit Footer Template on Newspaper Theme

Unlike all other page templates, the Footer Template on Newspaper Theme cannot be edited directly. This is mainly true if you are trying to edit the template from the Cloud Templates list. When you click “Edit”, the TagDiv Composer switch button in the editor is also missing. There are only 2 ways of editing the footer template.

Using the 404 Template

When you import a demo on Newspaper Theme, the 404 Template is ideally the first template on your Cloud Templates list. The template is also the default page template for editing the Footer template. 

In Newspaper theme, once the Footer Template has been set in a page, it can only be edited from that page. This page is the 404 template for all imported demos by default. Simply click “Edit Template” and voila! Your footer should be editable from there.

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Create a Template from Scratch

If you prefer to design your own taste, the Newspaper theme allows you to create your own template from a blank canvas. Here you can design your own page template which includes a custom footer with the help of the TD composer and Live CSS module.

Happy Editing!

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