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Why You Should Hire an Open Source Developer in Your Team

Hiring an Open Source Developer

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Open source has become a very internal part of several levels of IT in recent years. Many companies are using open source software now more than ever. But when it comes to hiring open source developers, most of them tend to stay away from the process.

This might be because most companies don’t really put any value to open source applications. Eventually, no real value is placed on the people who code open source applications.

When hiring an open source developer, there are a few important considerations to take into account. In this guide, I will cover some of the reasons why hiring open source coders can actually prove rewarding to your company.

Hiring an Open Source Developer

Open-source developers go beyond resumes

Developing open source software means that your work is readily available for free for the world to see. Since the applications the candidates work on are open, you can easily gauge their skill sets and level of proficiency, based on their past work. Forget resumes – they are highly overrated. In programming, all you should care about is if your interviewee can really write code.

Again, going open source also means that you are open to getting honest critics on your work. A candidate with open source work will almost always be confident with their skills and open to corrections.

Availability & Expertise

Open source developers are always on their toes as they might need to mend the often broken programs. Companies like Microsoft continuously upgrade their programs (e.g Windows) and so if you have a project built for these programs, you have to continuously update too to keep up with these updates.

With this comes experience. You can always count on an open source developer to code in the latest standards.

Passion… Because, why not?

Open source developers are generally passionate about their work. Therefore, hiring them would be hiring a passionate employee who is efficient and has the drive to work and go the extra mile too.

Support from the community

It is needless to say that having an open source developer on your team will enable you to enjoy the benefits of the open source community as well. With a diverse pool of coders behind your project, success is almost guaranteed. .

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