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10 Google Chrome Extensions For Growth Hackers

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Google Chrome Extensions For Growth Hackers

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Google chrome is one of the best browsers out there. The utility of installing extensions makes life easier for any growth hacker by cutting down processes and analyzing metrics quickly.

Here are 10 powerful Google Chrome Extensions For Growth Hackers

MozBar from Moz

MozBar displays web and web analytics. It shows the PA (page authority), the DA (Domain Authority), the title of the website, description, and keywords used. You can use this tool to see where your competitor is and do comparisons.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

With this tool, you can monitor the SEO metrics individually on each page of your website. The tool also allows you to find out the number of backlinks that go to your website. It also helps create a link building process to other related sites.

Page Analytics by Google

The Google Analytics extension shows you how users interact with your website, how long they stay, monitor conversions, and if there are new users, whether they return.

Tag Assistant

This extension allows you to check if you have implemented your Google ads and Google Analytics tracking codes correctly on your website. The extension also to record and analyze behavior patterns on your website while also highlighting areas that need optimization.


This extension allows you to keep track of your video campaigns on YouTube. It shows you the statistics, number of impressions, number of likes etc.

Keywords Everywhere

Like Growth Hacker, this tool allows you to analyze keywords, CPC, and discover the search volume for a specific keyword. The extension also helps you discover keywords for your Google Ads campaigns.

Pin It

This extension helps you “pin” images from any website. We already know that Pinterest positions images very well, and we can categorize them and with this extension, going straight to their tagging.


This extension allows you to add your own message from any website and get a shortened link to share with others. The best thing about this is that you can customize the message of the link and annotate phrases to share with other users or fellow growth hackers.


This tool creates a “score” or comprehensive web ranking in terms of SEO and online marketing. It also analyzes your competitors, helps you find errors, and suggests how to correct them.


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