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4 Reasons to Consider VPS Hosting for your Website

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VPS Hosting in Kenya is still a new phenomenon to most webmasters, partly because it’s considerably more pricey than shared plans and partly because the technical expertise to configure cloud architecture is a bit advanced.

But what is VPS Hosting?

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are the middle man between shared web hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting tends to work well for small websites while dedicated hosting is ideal for very large websites. The problem with dedicated servers is that they can be very, very expensive.

If your website is starting to grow in traffic, but is not ready for a dedicated hosting plan, VPS Hosting is the ideal plan for you. Here are some reasons to consider a VPS hosting plan for your website.

Fair Cost for Powerful Resources

Cost is a major concern for many webmasters, especially with today’s economy. But if your website is growing, you will need to give it room to expand by increasing the resources to accommodate more traffic. If you are thinking of upgrading from your limited shared hosting plan, a VPS Hosting plan is a good place to start. It’s very affordable and has more than enough resources to handle your increased website traffic.

Here at Qodewire, we have a great VPS hosting plan that comes with powerful features and a 99.9% network uptime. You also have the option of choosing cPanel or Centos web panel.

Traffic Spikes

If you are serious about marketing your website, you will probably be trying out social media marketing and other content curation platforms to promote your website. These websites can send large amounts of traffic in a short time, which can bring down even the best shared hosts.

VPS hosting is usually more resistant to these traffic spikes because they have “burstable memory,” which is always at the ready to help handle large surges in traffic. This means that your website will stay live regardless of the spike and benefit from all the perks of the high traffic.


If your website is your livelihood (bloggers, affiliate marketers etc.), you can’t afford to have other websites creating downtime for you or slowing server performance. This happens a lot in shared servers, because you essentially “share” resources with other webmasters.

VPS Hosting is different in that it acts like a semi-dedicated server reserved just for you. Your website is better separated from all the other websites and has dedicated resources allocated just for you.


Another benefit of VPS hosting is that you have access to special features such as custom firewalls, dedicated IP addresses and other things usually found only with dedicated hosting plans, all at a more affordable price.

You can also extend your hosting plan by activating reseller features, installing plugins and so much more. A VPS Hosting plan simply gives you all the control you need to get the most out of your host.

Ready to get started? Check out our cheap VPS Hosting plans here and get your first month for FREE.

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